Decking & Components

Component                 Sizes                   Lengths

  • Decking treadboard       32 x 144mm             3.6m

           (Rounded grooves)                                           3.9m






  • Decking Joists                47 x 100mm


  • Various Sawn                 47 x 150mm


  • Moulded Decking          42 x 94mm              4.2m


  • (Handrail/ baserail/reversible)


  • Handrail/ baserail         12 x 42mm


  • Variousinfill


  • Spindles rounded          42 x 42mm               4.5m


  • Decking newel post       94 x 94mm               1.2m


All decking timbers pressure treated green

Hardwood decking also available on order.

Range of profiles, sizes & timbers can be made & treated to order.

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